Creative Ways to Drape the Traditional Sari

Who is not familiar with what a Sari is, from India to International waters, Sari is one outfit which is traditional and yet sexy.

But with a touch of creativity, a simple traditional sari can be converted into a modern, stylish dress.

Check out these amazing draping styles from some of the leading fashion designers:



Aartivijay Gupta tries out with big and bold prints on the blouse and borders.


Off-shoulder pallu is one of a kind in this sari by Digvijay Singh.



Mixing corporate with traditional, sari with a white formal shirt – by Payal Khandelwal.



A hybrid of gown, lehenga and sari, this one is a show stopper by Shantanu and Nikhil.



Never seen leather and fringes combined before in a sari, but this one looks awesome by Sougat Paul.

Do you know of any other sari’s that you liked? Share in the comments below.



Interview at YEF

YNOTU is an initiative to promote the young and hidden talent from across the world in fashion industry.

Interview of one of our founders was recently published on YEF. Check it out:


Why are designer dresses expensive?

A lot of people have asked us why the clothes are so expensive. We can just say it is a designer dress, but that won’t do justice.

There is lot more than just a stitching a dress. It takes all the bones out to get there, it takes forever to get that design that is the designer’s signature style.

Sometimes it takes six or seven dresses to make one. And it’s time and it’s money. It is so much work. Doing a collection is almost like creating a vaccine. Once you create the one vaccine, then you can duplicate for nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. But see if you can create it for nine dollars and ninety-nine cents, and the answer is no.

The cost is not for the dress alone, it includes the efforts, creativity and time of the designer too.

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what is fashion

Do We Understand Fashion?

As we all know , fashion can be difficult to follow. But these days I let the train of thoughts go back and try explore the aspects and introspect with the idea ,” fashion can be difficult to understand”.

What is fashion , is it something captured from ramp walks , film world and the celeb closets , is it giving new perspective to old styles , or the flow of designs from continents and geographical boundaries to another. Or is fashion an inspiration in ones mind to define ones soul and hence the way it will be wrapped  and presented to outer world .

Fashion has seen all versions starting as the quotient of liberation , an expression , an idea , an inspiration , a wave of creativity , and nowhere to end.

In an industry where one color, fabric or pattern can be insanely hot one minute and totally out the next, there’s no doubt that keeping up is no easy task. And equally true is the fact that in this mad race there are instances where the word Original also gets see many versions.

But then there are some exceptionally rich minds with sensational talent speaking their heart in the form of output that makes you and me proud of our conduct by virtue of own proud fashion statements……..